By This River


MUSIC: Dave Jacoby, Jacob Mora, Moby, Brian Eno, Pop Medley

LENGTH: 45 Min

Photo: Eulanda Shead

‘By This River”- was the first exploration in “The Alone Suite”.
The work pulses with energetic but fluid movements that echo of heartbreak, and looking at loss and loneliness from a reflective place. The theme of memory, reflection as physical action and motion within silence.
Inspiration had a distinct influence from two places. The Poem by Edgar Allen Poe with the same title “Alone”, and “By This River” by Brian Eno.

Alone is a haunting mesmerizing unfolding of tableau and narrative that explores gain, loss and sound. With a very eclectic score, Alone pulls from original sound work of Jacob Mora and Dave Jacoby, as well as popular songs of the last 20 years.

The distinct choice of reflection in narrative lends to the continuing choice to explore sound genres and imagary work in each version of “By This Rivers” Life

Antes Angelus

Choreography: Jacob Mora

MUSIC: Mix Containing Elements of Massive Attack, J-Dilla, NIN


ANTES ANGELUS means “Before Angels”.

This work is a raw. inner city, display of mythology and present time colliding in physical and large sweeping movements.  The questions in this work that drive the pace and general environment, Is what Angelic perception could be now?  What creates Good & Evil? Is status as social power and perspective  a constant in our growth? Does this hold true for the Divine? The real exploration of the human condition is discovering what causes the elevation of status to create legend, fame or notoriety.

Cast Back / Recoil


Music: Sound Bites, Industrial Mix

Length: (12 Min)


Recoil was and always has been a shifting experience in perception and execution. The intention behind this work was always to showcase narrative and raw physical movement. The premise is rooted in the emotional response to negative and deliberate aggression. With multiple versions of the dance and score, the dance is always tailored to the artists response to self-preservation.

The response is different within each group of dancer, each audience, but valid in how our political and social climate changes. Having been set in a number of groups, guest work and different versions of the Company it is a continued exploration in how reaction causes motion.\



Sting, Fiona Apple, Stevie Wonder, Beltram, The Zombies

LENGTH: (15 min)


Bare familiar movements with emotional poignancy.  A return to music and perspectives that resonate with sensitive fulfillment. These ideas and more create the landscape for Fragile. Stylized within traditional movement motifs but layered with dense pattern.

Revolving Blind


Tom Waits, Futique

Length: 12 Min

The power of replay, the power of repetition. “Revolving Blind” was one of the first pieces in the MPVCD Rep that expressed an amazing sense of motion and landscape.

A work that has a cryptic narrative in recollection. With themes and motifs that express collision and internal unrest. The time and space discreetly starts growing into a wave of motion.

The Alone Suite


  • BY THIS RIVER (45 Min)
  • ALONE (10 Min)
  • IN MEMORY WE MOVE  (45 Min)

As individual sections these works revolve in and out of the Rep.

The Alone Suite is a series of works that deal with how loss causes unique reactions within our ability to remember, deal and cope.

Each section crafted in diverse genres and styles lending to an  eclectic, passionate emotional journey.