Contemporary Styles:
Contemporary classes isolate specific principles utilizing classical and contemporary techniques within modern jazz and folkloric as well as popular styles and trends and fuses them Focusing on the blend and mix of technique.

All classes focus on stretching strengthening and releasing through body manipulations, moving trough space using rhythm, isolation, transition and elongation.  These classes temper the body for dynamic fast paced work and subtle deliberate movements.

Urban Elements
Urban element classes are a mix of historical and evolving street steps, trends and culture. These classes use Old School, New School and popular techniques and styles.

Combinations focus on Real Hip Hop, R&B, Popping, B-Boy, Locking, Pop, House and Footwork.

Classes are developed from evaluation of sound, rhythm, energy and emotion. Trough dissection, repetition and combinations these classes will fuse, blend, isolate and evolve techniques.

This class acts as a study of movement, choreography and Improvisation.  Improvisation is the spontaneous act of movement as the result of given stimulus. Improvisation can be a tool to help choreograph dances, or explore ideas. These classes encourage problem solving, creativity and use games and formulas for inspired on the spot moving. These classes help students get to a comfortable place where improvisation may occur.

This time focuses on sharing work from the process of Jacob Mora and the Moraporvida Contemporary Dance Rep.

This exploration of ideas can be worked into a class, rehearsal or workshops.