The Pink Blue


  1. a color varying from light crimson to pale reddish purple.
  2. any of several plants of the genus Dianthus, as the clove pink or carnation.Compare pink family.
  3. the flower of such a plant; carnation.
  4. the highest form or degree; prime: a runner in the pink of condition.
  5. Older Slang: Disparaging. pinko.
  6. Business Informal. a carbon copy, as of a sales slip or invoice,
  7. made on pink tissue paper.
  8. pinks,
  1. Fox Hunting. pink coat.
  2. pinkish-tan gabardine trousers formerly worn by military officers as part of the dress uniform.
  1. the scarlet color of hunting pinks.



  1. the pure color of a clear sky; the primary color between green and violet in the visible spectrum, an effect of light with a wavelength between 450 and 500 nm.
  2. bluing.
  3. something having a blue color: Place the blue next to the red.
  4. a person who wears blue or is a member of a group characterized by some blue symbol: Tomorrow the blues will play the browns.
  5. (often initial capital letter) a member of the Union army in the American Civil War or the army itself.Compare gray1(def 13).
  6. bluestocking
  7. blue ribbon(def 1)
  8. any of several blue-winged butterflies of the family Lycaenidae.
  9. blueline.
  10. the blue,
  11. the sky.
  12. the sea.
  13. the remote distance: They’ve vanished into the blue somewhere.

THE PINK BLUE exists as a dark raw exploration of definition. To Define through meaning or interpret what the Pinkest Blue holds for us all as individuals.

Jacob Mora shares his perspective on what the meaning of the title could imply, by diving into the essence of what relationship can be.


Jacob Mora reflects on the first things that come to mind on the Creation of the Pink Blue.

The first thing Jacob Mora saw in his mind before movement was the idea of being up at 2am in the wee hours. When everything is dark we see the truth of our lives illuminated. There was a real strong need to explore that vulnerability. To explore the thoughts that happen at that time of night. When at the end of a day we reflect on past experiences of the day including real opposition and relationship interactions.

We can ask the questions. Relationship with Who? Could it be with self?  With each other?  With Lover?  With Divinity?  With Opposition?  With Fear?  With Hope? With the day to day struggle of being Black, Brown, Yellow, Woman, Gay or any other cultural identity that society has forced you into defining and redefining. These questions and perspectives are where the soul of this work lives.

One of the signature works of the company, The Pink Blue tends to be a favorite of the MPVCD audiences everywhere.