Photo: Jacob Mora

Poster Design: Theresa Anton

THE LAST CLICK is a work that started off as a question? In a society that can talk to anyone at the touch of your phone, What are the digital personifications? Where is our accountability? What does a modern rebel look like? Where are the technological Guerillas? or, Are they nothing more than entitled desk jockeys?  Are the heroes of the digital age nothing more than fear driven, insecure bullies.

The answer came in the exploration in the ease in which someone can easily pass judgement on anybody or anything in the flash of a click.

On The Creation

With the media the way it has so many formats and continues to borrow from all of its elements and content. There is a definite sense of rehashing old stories andmaking them new.

The Last Click did the same thing as far as content. The statement that we attempted to make came from the borowing and melding of familiar sounds from past media as well as borrowing phrasing and sections from existing Moraporvida Rep.

As technology changes and grows, it seems that each time this dance is recreated, it will evolve.