A Landing Place

Length (45-50 MIN)


  • Demdike Stare
  • Donato Wharton
  • AGF
  • Rabbit
  • Kanding Ray
  • Balam Acab
  • Moby


  1. A Landing Place
  2. Passing Through
  3. My Weakness

A landing place has a distinct voice of cinematic landscapes that explores the body as a place of emotional locomotion and docking.

This work takes a rollercoaster of emotional tactics. With themes of insecurities, bullying and trying to rise above. This work looks at how action and reactions become tactics for self-preservation or destruction.

In our greatest attempts to need love, affection and self-worth, we  have the need to escape, to protect or take the blow.

A landing place goes on a series of narratives that act and reacts to the physicality of the journey. The perspective is that we are all Landing places for emotional arrows.