Aimee Wallace is a Denver based Modern/ Contemporary dancer. After graduating as a Dance Major from the Denver School of the Arts in 2015, she decided to change her focus to pursue a degree in Architecture from the University of Arizona. While taking her regular curricular classes, she began taking dance classes from faculty members for extra credit without being a part of the dance major. Once completing her first year in Arizona, Aimee decided to come back home to Colorado where she took a healthy break from both school and dance. Then, in early 2018, Aimee reconnected with Jacob Mora of the Moraporvida Contemporary Dance Company and has since spent the past three seasons dancing with them. There have been many opportunities since, where she has been able to dance alongside dancers from Cindy Brandle Dance Company, students from the Metropolitan State University, as well as other companies like Nu World Contemporary Danse and Cleo Parker Robinson. Along with regular repertoire, other showcases Aimee has been a part of have included the Mile High Dance Festival (‘18/‘19) and Presenting Denver (‘19). Looking to the future, Aimee is  beginning to continue her Architectural studies at the Community College of Denver and is looking forward to performing with more choreographers like Stacey Temple throughout the next year. 

Kristi grew up dancing at The Dance Class in Richland, Washington, and was also part of the Richland High School Goldrush Dance Team until she graduated from High School in 2015. Kristi then continued her Dance education at Larkin Dance Studio in Minnesota with the Senior Competition Line where she learned from very notable teachers and choreographers including, Michele Larkin, Ilia Gorev, Julia Heggerness-Morrison, Talia & Chaz, Travis Wall, Mia Michaels, Kristen Russell, and Tatiana Berenova. Kristi then danced for the University of St. Thomas Dance Team when they placed 1st at the 2017 UDA Collegiate Nationals in Orlando in HipHop and 1st runner-up in Jazz. After college, Kristi began coaching the John F Kennedy High School Dance Team in Denver, CO. Since then, Kristi has also taught masterclasses back at her home studio in Washington. Kristi is a teacher and choreographer at Rand Dance Academy in Golden, CO teaching Contemporary, Turns/Leaps, and Acro classes. Currently, Kristi holds a Masters degree from the University of Denver in Curriculum and Instruction and is a Special Education Teacher at West High School in Denver